7 steps improve your businesses onsite SEO


When reading over most digital marketing companies’ websites it’s easy to think that implementing SEO is super hard.

Yet, with that said there are some things that you can do to improve your company’s onsite SEO that are not all that difficult.

So without further ado here’s 7 steps to improve your businesses onsite seo.

#1 Meta titles and Meta descriptions

Do you think that once a business has its websites on the first page of Google that is it, job done- no more work needed?

Well the simple answer to that is this is not the case. The reason being imagine for a second you looking to purchase a new coffee machine for your home, so you ask Google to find you some coffee machines that have excellent customer reviews.

Then you will be presented with loads of different websites to choose from, and this where a well written meta title and meta description can come into its own.

So, if don’t know what a meta title or meta description is, well quite simply put they are the title and short description that you see on Google’s results.

So, for example one meta title and meta description may grab your eye because it reads something like this:

Meta title: Bean to cup coffee machines, all our coffee machines can be delivered next day

Meta description: We stock a wide range of affordable coffee machines, all are voted above 9 /10 in terms of our customers satisfaction. Best of all we offer a money back guarantee.

So as you can see this type of meta title and meta description may grab your attention. This is why when your business gets on the first page of Google, it often doesn’t mean that your digital marketing agency will stop optimising your website to improve your click through rate (CTR).

Also as an seo agency will tell you, even when a business does get their website onto the first page of Google, it doesn’t mean that the business will stay there for any great period of time, unless the business invests in more SEO.

#2 Content marketing

Whether it’s a blog post or perhaps a guide that’s 3000 words long, content marketing can help to improve your businesses SEO.

However, here’s the thing, the content marketing must be white hat, if it isn’t well this could damage your businesses SEO, so only invest in white hat seo.

#3 Alt tags

Sometimes seo agencies talk about the really important parts of SEO, like building backlinks until they are blue in the face.

Yet, sometimes its also important not to forget the less important parts of SEO, like using alt text.

If you don’t know what alt text means, well its simply a description of what a picture is about.

So, for example, let’s say you sell used cars, you could add alt text that states “red-car-brand-of-car-and-model-of-car”.

So, when someone is looking for that brand of car, and that model in that colour well you will make your page of your website selling that car easier to find.

#4 Internal links

Let’s say you run a solicitor’s practice, and you specialise in the area of divorce, so naturally you would be writing weekly blog posts about the divorce process.

And this week you may well be writing a really long blog post, and your talking about changes that are due to take place to the divorce process.

Yet, you mention something that you know not many readers will know about, let’s say for example you mentioned the term “collaborative law”.

Now instead of describing what the term “collaborative law” means you may choose to use an internal link. So for example, you may use the term collaborative law as the anchor text, and then link to the main page that describes that service which your business offers in much more detail.

#5 H1- H6 tags

You may well be writing a really long blog post, lets say your talking about a new interior décor style.

And to achieve this style within your home your going to need to use different paint, a style of furniture, different colour furnishings and also different accessories for your home.

So naturally you wouldn’t group all these different items together, normally you split the blog post into sections. And the normal way to do this is to use titles.

Now to help Google, and the other search engines know what this new interior design blog post is about, you may wish to mark the titles with H1 to H6 tags.

Which basically tells the search engine that these are titles.

#6 Social media

Have you made it easy for people to talk about your business on social media? Well, it can be a really good way of getting people to know about your business.

For example someone who’s interested in interior design may say on social media, “I have just read this great article about how to turn your kitchen into a country farmhouse style, why not have a read!”.

Now a link may well be offered to your website, and then this social media post may bring in hundreds of new readers to your website.

So make it easy for people to find your social media accounts, so that your business can also obtain more followers.

#7 Contact us forms

Let’s return to our previous example, lets say someone is thinking of going through with a divorce, yet at the moment they are just looking to find a family law practice that they want to work with.

This person may visit say over 20 different family law websites, yet there may well be one that states “fill in this quick form, and talk to one of our solicitors free for 30 minutes over the phone”.

Now this may well be all that is needed for someone to fill in the form, and the business can then offer advice and hopefully gain a new client.

So contact forms which make it really easy for the person to contact your business, can be a really good marketing tool, this is so that you can gain your customers for your business.

If your business requires white hat seo, then why not call us?

What does “NAP” even mean?


If your company has just investing in SEO, then this means you’re probably already familiar with hearing the term “NAP”.

That’s to say your SEO agency may have mentioned in their monthly seo report that they have adding your companies NAP details to business citations.

Yet, what does this all mean?

Well this blog post is dedicated to explaining what NAP means and how it can be used to improve your company’s SEO.

Okay, come on then, what does NAP mean?

Well one things for sure, that is NAP doesn’t need some elaborate answer, that’s because NAP just means your businesses name, its address and the companies phone number- that is it!

However what need a bit more of an explanation is how a businesses NAP details can be used to help improve that businesses SEO.

So, how do you use a businesses NAP details to improve its SEO?

Well first things first you have to get the businesses NAP details on the website. Now that’s done you may wish to ask a digital marketing agency whether that information can be crawled and indexed.

Whether or not the businesses NAP details can be crawled and indexed is just a fancy way of saying can Google read this information?

For example, you may have a website where the NAP details are displayed in a picture, if so this would make it harder for Googlebot to read the information.

So you just want the information written in plain text, but if your seo company wants to push the  boat out, well we would recommend marking-up the text using Schema.

Now that’s done its time to set up a Google My Business account.

Google My Business

Now that the NAP information is on your website, you may wish to set up a Google My Business account.

Now this is an absolute piece of cake, so its well worth you staying an extra hour to build your Google My Business account.

Business citations

The next thing would be to build business citations, these are easy to do, just make sure that you mention your companies NAP details in exactly the same way you mentioned these on your website.

Okay so what’s the whole point of this?

Well, in order to answer that its easier to provide an example, so let’s imagine there are two builders and both want to invest in local seo.

Now builder A goes to an SEO company that hasn’t got a clue. The construction business changes addresses, they notify the seo company and they update the company’s website, but not the Google My Business account or the businesses 30 odd business citations.

What does this mean?

Well it means the business now has “conflicting business citations”- which simply means that the business is mentioned on its website as being in one address, and the business citations state its at the old address.

This confuses people that want to know where the construction firm is based, and it confuses Google’s algorithms as it may not know if the business is at the old address or the new one.

Now let’s look at construction firm B, they have hired a leading seo agency, and that marketing agency has correctly implemented the businesses NAP details.

So, the NAP details have been correctly put on the companies website, they can be read by Googlebot. Also the businesses Google My Business account and all of the businesses citations match with the website.

So which website do you think will rank higher?

Well its likely to be construction firm B.

Construction firm B doesn’t cause any headaches as to where the business is located, and therefore customers and the algorithms therefore have much better confidence that the business is at that business location.

Okay, it sounds like you know what your talking about, how much does this SEO cost?

Well, this does depend on the level of competition that your business faces. The reason it depends on the level of competition is simply because its likely that most of your companies competitors will also want their website on the first page of Google as well.

So this means if the level of competition is high, that the level of SEO work needed is often substantial.

So in order to provide your business with an accurate quote, we would we need to look at your website to work out how much work is needed, and how good your competitors SEO is as well.

If therefore you would like to obtain a quote, then why not give us a ring?