Local SEO


Bristol has a booming SME business sector. This is great for the people of Bristol; however, it can also mean that some businesses get drowned out by the competition.

This is where we can help, we offer a friendly, cost effective seo service. So, whether you’re a scaffolding business, or divorce lawyers, we can help.

We can help to get your website right to the top of Google, so when somebody is searching for goods or services that you offer, we can put you right in front of potential customers.


What does local SEO actually mean?

Local seo can be split into two main parts, they are the organic and local business listings.

The local business listings are sometimes referred to as the “map listings”. In order to appear higher for the map listings we would need to improve a number of ranking signals. This work involves strengthening NAP signals, backlinks and also onsite seo factors.

If you would like your business to appear higher organically, then there are a lot more ranking signals that will need optimising.

Most seo experts would agree, that there are over 200 ranking signals that the algorithms calculate in order to work out where a business should be ranked.

We therefore need to evaluate which areas of your website are weakest, and improve these first.

We will also then need to evaluate the strength of your competitors, this is so that we can begin the process of making your ranking signals stronger than your competitors.  

As we implement more and more quality white hat seo work, your businesses rankings will improve.


How can this help my business?

A lot of our clients inform us that they have replaced all of their other forms of marketing with just local seo.

Local seo is an inexpensive way of securing more sales for your business. Instead of investing in other forms of marketing that may fall on deaf ears, this form of marketing is very different.

When somebody wants to find goods or services near to where they live, we can help your business to appear at the top.


Why should my business choose Digital Tailors?

We pride ourselves on the level of experience that we have, some of our marketing consultants have over 10 years’ worth of experience.

We therefore feel we have the edge over most other Bristol seo companies.


What forms of businesses do you currently work with?

Our local seo team works with many different types of businesses, from dentists, right through to local solicitors.

Our digital marketing agency doesn’t just serve the great city of Bristol neither, we also serve clients within Bath as well.


How much will this service cost?

Our fee is calculated based on two factors. Those factors are the strength of your website, and also the level of competition that your business faces.

Within some business sectors, it can be easier to overtake a company’s rivals. For instance, law practices and private cosmetic dentists now invest large sums into online marketing, so to rank high within these industries can be more difficult.

Our fee is therefore calculated based on how much time needs to be spent each month working on your website. For some low competition industries our monthly fee can be as little as £200.00 per month, for more competitive business sectors, our fee regularly exceeds £2000.00 per month.


How does the process start?

All we need to know in order to offer a quote, is your websites address, and also which areas of your business you would like to generate more sales from.

We can then take care of the rest. We can then offer you a no obligation quote.