Here in Bristol, and also within Bath many businesses will attend many events that explain how a business can improve its marketing.

And some of these events can be very good, sometimes speakers will have a lot of knowledge on how to improve a businesses local SEO, and can sometimes state many businesses here in Bristol that they have worked with.

Yet, as most businesses know, its finding the time to attend these SEO events in Bristol.

And some businesses may well be small businesses, so often there’s a thousand other things that the business owner could be working on.

So to help you save time, our Bristol SEO agency thought we would write a short article explaining how your business could improve its local SEO, and which ranking factors we consider the most important.

What does local SEO mean?

Okay, so first things first, a lot of businesses get confused between the organic business results, and the Google My Business results.

However, a good SEO agency Bristol or SEO company Bath will be able to get your business to be shown in both the Google My Business results as well as the organic business results.

So what’s the difference?

Well, lets say that your looking for a local scaffolding business, your having a loft conversion and you need to find a scaffolding business that will provide scaffolding for the front of your house.

So you look for “local scaffolding company’s in Bath, England”. Now Google will know that you want to find a local business, so you should be shown a map, next to the map will be a list of three businesses.

Then if the scaffolding business has hired a really good Bristol SEO agency or SEO business in Bath, England, well the scaffolding business may show up in the organic business results.

Not sure what the organic results are?

Well, the organic business results are simply the main list of businesses, that will appear normally under the PPC ads, or the Google My Business results.

So that’s right, a good digital marketing company, like Digital Tailors will be able to get your business ranked on the first page for some keywords twice.

So for example, for “local scaffolding companies” we would be able to get your business on the first page twice.

What are ranking signals / ranking factors?

There are thought to be over 200 ranking factors, which some SEO company Bristol will call “ranking factors”- but this basically means the same thing.

Ranking factors or ranking signals is the term used to describe over 200 SEO signals that Google’s algorithm will use to calculate how strong your businesses SEO is.

Which signals are considered more important?

Our SEO agency would say that out of the 200+ signals, we would say that these are the most important.


Backlinks are important, but your business will need high-quality backlinks, these must be built in a white hat way.

Having a Google My Business account

If your business here in Bath, England or Bristol wants to appear in the Google My Business results, your business will need a Google My Business account.

Content marketing

Content marketing is also important, this should be white hat.

Onsite SEO

Your SEO company should improve your businesses onsite SEO.

White hat

All work should be white hat.

Why your business may need an SEO company in Bristol

To ensure that all work is white hat, you may wish to hire a respected SEO agency such as Digital Tailors.