Any good SEO company Bristol will know which SEO tools to use, so this page is intended for business owners that may want to implement SEO themselves.

If a business here in Bristol, or Bath or anywhere else wants to implement SEO themselves, then its important that the business only uses “white hat” methods.

If the business does not use white hat methods, then the business could incur an algorithmic or manual penalty.

So, we always recommend to use white hat methods, or find an SEO company in Bristol that does use white hat methods.

What are SEO tools used for?

You can use SEO tools for a wide range of reasons, some help your company to find backlinks, some will help your SEO agency to know which phrases to target.

So, for example, lets say you run a construction business here in Bristol, well, the most obvious term that you might want to target would be “builders Bristol”- yet your SEO company may use an SEO tool and find that actually a lot of people are also looking for:


·        Local construction companies Bristol

·        Loft conversion company’s

·        Builders that can build a property extension

·        Construction company’s that build new build property’s


Now, this is just an example, but lets say one business here in Bristol does not rank on the first page for “builders that can build a property extension” or “local builders”- well, this could mean that another builder is instead obtaining a lot of work by partnering with an SEO agency Bristol who is getting that business onto the first page for those terms.

So, in a nutshell its not about getting a business onto the first page for just one term, like “local builders” but also “local construction company” as well.

And there are many SEO tools that can help you to know which keywords your business might want to target.


What’s a backlink checker?

Ask most Bristol SEO agency what they think is one of the more important ranking factors, and a lot are bound to say that backlinks are still one of the most important, if not the most important ranking factor.

Yet, as any good digital marketing agency knows, some backlinks are quality, and will help to improve your businesses SEO, and some can be deemed low-quality, which could mean that your company incurs a penalty.

So, a backlink tool is often used by SEO agencies to help them to find backlinks, however its worth saying again, all backlinks that your business builds must be quality and built in a white hat way.


What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a very useful tool, your SEO agency or your company can monitor bounce rates as well as how many visitors your website has had, you may wish to compare this with the previous month, to see how your website is improving in terms of obtaining more or less visitors.


What is Google Search Console?

This is another great SEO tool, you can use to see how many backlinks your website has, plus also really useful information such as your websites average position.

So, for example, let’s say you run a web design business, you can see where your business ranked for let’s say “web designers” last week.


Why should my business use SEO tools?

Most SEO company’s use SEO tools to see how well the businesses SEO is improving, for example, how many backlinks has the business earned, how many more visitors has the website obtained compared to last month’s figures?

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