If you run a local business here in Bath, England or indeed within Bristol, well most businesses will require a Google My Business account.

So no matter if you run a hairdressing saloon, or you run a large car dealership within Bristol, most businesses will need a Google My Business account to help customers find the business.

What is Google My Business?

Simply put, if you run a local business, often you will want to get your business within the Google My Business results.

So let’s say your looking for a pizza take-away business within Bath, England, so you ask “find me a local pizza take-away”.

This is when you should be shown a map of Bath, England or Bristol and local pizza take-away shops, normally 3 businesses are show next to a map.

Then underneath should be a longer list of pizza take-away shops, and us SEO company Bristol call these the organic results.

Do I need a Bristol SEO agency to help set up a Google My Business account?

No, often your business will not need the help of an SEO agency for your business to obtain a Google My Business account, the reason being is its super simple to set-up an account, and it often only takes minutes to do.

However, with that said, many businesses within Bristol and Bath do hire an Bristol SEO agency later on because the hard part is optimising the listing so its more likely to be displayed.

So for example, lets say someone is looking for a electrician within Bath, so you may ask “find me a local electrician”- now there may well be hundreds of electricians in Bath, but only 3 at a time can be shown in the Google My Business results, so its often a matter of working with an SEO agency to help optimise your businesses Google My Business account, so its more likely to be shown than another company’s.

What does NAP mean?

If you were to read a long article regarding local SEO, then you are bound to see one term cropping up time and time again, and that term is “NAP”.

But what does NAP mean?

Well, that’s simple, its stands for name of the business, the businesses address and phone number.

Most SEO company Bristol would agree that its really important for your businesses NAP information to match with your website, your business citations, and also with any other mentions of your businesses NAP information.

What are business citations?

Business citations are just mentions of your businesses NAP information.

Will my business in Bath or Bristol require a Google My Business account in order to get onto the first page?

If you want your business within Bristol or Bath to be displayed in the Google My Business results, then yes you will need to set-up an account.

How should we optimise our Google My Business account?

There are many ways, yet you should always use white hat methods.

Will we need an SEO agency Bristol in order to optimise our Google My Business account?

Often businesses will require an SEO company as often a lot of work is needed, such as building citations, improving your businesses onsite SEO, and also making sure that the businesses NAP information is correct.

How can we verify our Google My Business account?

Often this is achieved through a post card which contains a verification number.

Opening hours

You should add your businesses opening hours.

Local telephone number

If your business is based within Bristol then we would recommend using a local telephone number and not a mobile number.

Local business address

If you want to obtain customers within Bristol, your business address should be based within Bristol, as otherwise the SEO is much harder.

Business reviews

Your business should obtain reviews.

Keep your Google My Business account updated

If your NAP details do change, for instance the company phone number changes, then do make sure your Google My Business account is updated.

How we can help:

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