How will a Google My Business account help to improve our local SEO?

If run a local business within Bristol, or Bath within the South West of England, well, you may well be thinking of ways so that you can improve your businesses SEO.

After all, it doesn’t matter if you run a local scaffolding business, or you run say a hairdressing salon, most businesses will need to improve their marketing, and this is where a Google My Business account can help.

Most digital marketing agencies, ours included, use Google My Business as a way of improving a business’s local SEO.

What does Google My Business mean?

So, let’s say that you are looking for a local builder, so you ask Google, “find me local builders”- then if a business has a Google My Business account, then it may well appear in in the map listings.

So, this means that next to the map, there are normally three businesses that get listed, as local builders for example, these businesses will have set-up a Google My Business account.

How can this help to improve my businesses SEO?

If you were to ask most Bristol SEO agencies what they think is an important method that they can use to improve a businesses local SEO, then they are bound to say that setting up a Google My Business account, and also using business citations is a good way of improving a business’s SEO.

Business citations, and a Google My Business account can help to state your businesses NAP information.

NAP stands for name of your businesses name, its address and phone number, if this information can be read by Google’s algorithm then this confirms where your business is based, and can help to improve a business’s SEO.

As if your address for your company is within Bristol, in the South West of England, and someone is looking for a business in Bristol, then this is where having your NAP information on your Google My Business account can help your businesses SEO.

How can our business obtain a Google My Business account?

That’s really simple, just follow the link.

How can we optimise our Google My Business account?

Business reviews

You can obtain genuine customer reviews, however do not write fake business reviews, as Google’s algorithm will spot this, and your Google My Business listing may well be removed.

Opening hours

If you run say a shop or office, why not state your businesses opening hours?

NAP information

Make sure you mention your businesses NAP information, so for example the name of your business, your business address in Bath, or Bristol in the South West of England, and also your businesses phone number.

Business citations

Your business citations, which mention your businesses NAP information, should match exactly with your businesses Google My Business account.

So, for example, lets say your business is located on Bristol Road, there’s no point mentioning Bristol Road on Google My Business, then “Bristol RD” on your business citations, as the two do not match.

Your business citations must match your businesses Google My Business account.

Local SEO

Run a business within Bristol or Bath? Well, here’s why we think its especially important that you set-up an account

Whether you’re a plumber or let’s say a dentist, if you own a business within Bristol, or indeed Bath you will know that the level of competition that your business faces will undoubtably be high.

This is why we always recommend to all of our customers, not to just to invest in organic SEO, but also local SEO as well, this way your business stands a far better chance of being displayed in the map results, and the organic business listings as well.

How our digital marketing agency can help:

If your business needs help to improve its SEO, then why not give us a ring?