Why does it take longer to optimise a brand-new website and what is Google’s Sandbox Period?


You may well be opening a new retail premises in the heart of Bath, alternatively you may be opening an office, let’s say in Bristol, where you plan on serving the whole of the South West.

So, you’ve been ultra-busy, that’s to say you’ve found the business premises, you’ve sourced the right staff, your busy is eager to get going, to start selling products in Bath, or to start your company that offer its services across the mighty city of Bristol.

Great stuff!

You’ve also hired a web designer, a friends recommended him or her, and then on the phone to your web designers, they mention, what are you going to do for marketing?

Well, you simply reply “we are going to invest in organic seo”- then the web designers pause, and say yes, but what about the Sandbox Period?

You may reply, well, what on earth is that!

And here’s the problem that some businesses face, that is, what are they going to do, when they have just registered a new domain name, the business is brand-new, and the web design agency starts to talk about a Google Sandbox Period, and how some businesses, here in Bath, see the rate off optimisation slow, due to the Sandbox Period.

Well, whichever web designers, developers or SEO agencies you hire, they should have recommendations, for example it’s true it will take longer often to optimise a brand-new company website, so because the organic seo takes longer, you may want to invest in PPC?

So, what exactly is Google’s Sandbox Period?

Many leading SEO companies, believe that a new business, with a brand-new website, will be harder to optimise, this does mean that sometimes the SEO process will sometimes take longer.

Make sure you set a realistic marketing budget

it’s important to remember this, when you are setting up a brand-new company, for example let’s say that you are setting up a company that is a shop in the centre of Bath, to remember that you need to keep some of your marketing budget aside, so that you can invest in SEO, some businesses make the mistake of investing all their money into just web design, when a matter of fact you need to invest in SEO.

Don’t cut corners

We would highly recommend that you don’t cut any corners, in that you must follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

Keep it white hat

We would highly recommend, that whichever agency company or even if you employee freelancer, that you make sure that every single aspect of the SEO, whether it be on-site or off-site is white hat

Follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

Whichever the business you hire in Bath, you should ensure that if they are implementing SEO, that they follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Partner with the right marketing agency in Bath

It’s important to remember that SEO is a long-term process, you should therefore meet with the SEO team, the see if you can build a good relationship, you will often need to work with them over the long term, to need to ask yourself as the business owners can I work with this business?

It all depends on the strength of the competition within your company’s location, so in the great city of Bristol or perhaps your company is in Bath?

Here’s another thing to consider, how long it takes to improve your SEO, will solely depend on how strong your competitors are, you are very strong competition in the city of Bath, that it will take longer to overtake these competitors

Google’s algorithm needs to workout how strong your companies ranking factors are

Businesses are ranked according to how strong their ranking factors are, to bring them up to standard when you can overtake the established competition Bath, can sometimes take many years.

So, what your online marketing company is saying, is that the Sandbox period will slow things down?

We are most definitely saying that yes, the sandbox period can most definitely slow the SEO process.

New domain name

If your business has a new website, for example you might have a new WordPress website, and you web designers have registered a new domain name, this will mean that you have a new website, and this is what SEO agencies like ours believe will enter the sandbox period and the organic SEO process can sometimes be slower

Think of it as a “blank canvass”

you have to think of a new domain name that is a new website as a blank canvas, you will have any backlinks, on-site SEO might have on-site SEO, to the on-site SEO and the off-site needs to be improved, therefore you are starting right from the beginning and this is why organic SEO can often take a great deal of time.

Why does it take longer to optimise a new company website?

Often a brand-new business will have big SEO, when you compare this with businesses that have been trading in Bath and Bristol for a very long time, they may have been investing in quality SEO for say the last 10 years, you can begin to see why new business will have a lot of catching up to do

What are ranking factors?

Ranking factors are simply what are used to decipher how strong your businesses SEO is, if you have just registered your domain name, then it is likely that, that domain name if it has been registered before, will need good quality SEO in order to improve it to get your business onto the first page.

Who decides when a business is released from the sandbox period?

It is the algorithm which decides when a business is released from the sandbox period

Why our digital marketing agency would never recommend cutting corners?

We would most definitely recommend never cutting corners is only invest in white hat SEO

What is a Google Penalty?

The business incurs a penalty, then it could be removed from

So, your saying, at your agency that organic SEO is not a fast process?

Our SEO agency which serves the whole of Bath in England often says that it will take longer for a new business to reach the first page, we would have to evaluate each business on its own merits, you would like a quote please get in contact with our team today

Quite simply put, your direct competitors, whether they are in Bristol, or perhaps your main competitors are in Bath England, there will often be many businesses that have a head start

but you have to bear in mind is that you will be up against established competition Bath, they might have been investing in SEO for a lot longer, this is why the organic SEO process is much slower

Why we would only recommend investing in a white hat seo company

Only invest in white hat SEO that is provided by an an established and respected marketing agency such as ours

When you’re starting a business, you might be sitting down at your living room table, you might be writing a business plan on your laptop.

With a cup of coffee in hand you contemplating all the difference marketing options which are open to you, yet what is apparent, and that is you need to invest in SEO.

And a lot of businesses reach this conclusion, as it doesn’t matter if you sell furniture online or you are a top solicitor, most businesses need SEO.

However regardless of the business sector that you operate within, your business owner wants roadblocks putting their way.

And what do we mean by roadblocks?

Well, as any SEO company will tell you, it’s normally, in most instances a lot harder to optimise a company website that is brand-new, and by brand-new, we mean that the domain name has just been registered, and a new website that has been designed for that domain name.

For example, it’s normally. much harder to optimise a brand-new company website, simply because the website will often have no back links, it might not have any content marketing in might have SEO errors and it might have had no SEO applied to it when it’s directs competition might have been investing in organic SEO for say the last eight years, this is why it often a lot harder to get a brand-new website to move up the ranks.

Domain names

So, quite simply put, its the domain name is the websites URL, so this is the URL that you enter into the browser in order to find that website.

Now what you had to understand is that the algorithm is computing SEO scored to attach to that URL, so when you think of all the businesses in let’s say your city, there might be 100 businesses which are investing in SEO.

Now, an SEO score would be assigned to that URL, therefore this dictates where the website ranks.

However, with that said, the algorithm does not tell you your exact SEO score, it’s instead up to the SEO agency that you hire, to make sure that they improve your businesses SEO ranking factors, in a white hat way.

However, this is the really important part the you have to remember is that the say you are setting up a brand-new business and therefore you purchase a domain name, and you hire website developer to build your website, you will be having a domain name and website which has not had any SEO work carried out.

So, this means that you are starting with a blank canvas, in that your SEO score is very low because the business is brand-new, and it’s also because you have not improved any of the SEO ranking factors.

Now, when you compare this with your direct competitors, well you might be up against competition that has been investing in SEO for a very long period of time, therefore you face stiff competition, and therefore there might be amounting to climb in terms of SEO work that is needed in order to start overtaking your direct rivals.

You do have to think of a brand-new website rather like a blank canvas

You do have to think of starting a new business with a brand-new website, that is a website where you are just purchasing the domain name, and having the website designed as starting with a blank canvas.

Now, with having a brand-new website, this means that there is often a huge amount of SEO work that is often needed, therefore it often means that the business will have to wait a long period of time in order to generate results.

Back links

Now if you were to have a conversation with most SEO companies and you were to ask them what is the most important ranking factor, that is to say what is the most important part of the organic SCO process, a lot of these businesses will tell you that one of the most important ranking factors is to build quality white hat back links.

However, for some businesses to get onto the first page, they don’t just need say 20 backlinks sometimes they need hundreds or thousands of quality backlinks, which have all been built using “white hat methods”.

It is massively important, that all of the backlinks are built using white hat methods


Content marketing

A lot of SEO errors to fix with the website design

The SEO basics might be missing

Simply hasn’t accrued business citations

Simply hasn’t accrued business reviews

Not established

Why we would be wary of overly cheap prices

Yet price is not a guarantee of quality

Pick an agency that you are happy working with in the long run

don’t compromise on quality

The work must be white hat

Don’t rush it, organic SEO is not a sprint it’s a marathon

Do you have the budget to invest?

Does the agency understand your business?

Has the website been properly designed?

How our business can help you

How will a Google My Business account help to improve our local SEO?

If run a local business within Bristol, or Bath within the South West of England, well, you may well be thinking of ways so that you can improve your businesses SEO.

After all, it doesn’t matter if you run a local scaffolding business, or you run say a hairdressing salon, most businesses will need to improve their marketing, and this is where a Google My Business account can help.

Most digital marketing agencies, ours included, use Google My Business as a way of improving a business’s local SEO.

What does Google My Business mean?

So, let’s say that you are looking for a local builder, so you ask Google, “find me local builders”- then if a business has a Google My Business account, then it may well appear in in the map listings.

So, this means that next to the map, there are normally three businesses that get listed, as local builders for example, these businesses will have set-up a Google My Business account.

How can this help to improve my businesses SEO?

If you were to ask most Bristol SEO agencies what they think is an important method that they can use to improve a businesses local SEO, then they are bound to say that setting up a Google My Business account, and also using business citations is a good way of improving a business’s SEO.

Business citations, and a Google My Business account can help to state your businesses NAP information.

NAP stands for name of your businesses name, its address and phone number, if this information can be read by Google’s algorithm then this confirms where your business is based, and can help to improve a business’s SEO.

As if your address for your company is within Bristol, in the South West of England, and someone is looking for a business in Bristol, then this is where having your NAP information on your Google My Business account can help your businesses SEO.

How can our business obtain a Google My Business account?

That’s really simple, just follow the link.

How can we optimise our Google My Business account?

Business reviews

You can obtain genuine customer reviews, however do not write fake business reviews, as Google’s algorithm will spot this, and your Google My Business listing may well be removed.

Opening hours

If you run say a shop or office, why not state your businesses opening hours?

NAP information

Make sure you mention your businesses NAP information, so for example the name of your business, your business address in Bath, or Bristol in the South West of England, and also your businesses phone number.

Business citations

Your business citations, which mention your businesses NAP information, should match exactly with your businesses Google My Business account.

So, for example, lets say your business is located on Bristol Road, there’s no point mentioning Bristol Road on Google My Business, then “Bristol RD” on your business citations, as the two do not match.

Your business citations must match your businesses Google My Business account.

Local SEO

Run a business within Bristol or Bath? Well, here’s why we think its especially important that you set-up an account

Whether you’re a plumber or let’s say a dentist, if you own a business within Bristol, or indeed Bath you will know that the level of competition that your business faces will undoubtably be high.

This is why we always recommend to all of our customers, not to just to invest in organic SEO, but also local SEO as well, this way your business stands a far better chance of being displayed in the map results, and the organic business listings as well.

How our digital marketing agency can help:

If your business needs help to improve its SEO, then why not give us a ring?

Why do my SEO quotes vary so massively?


So, you’ve just started your new business, and you’ve paid a lot of money to get an impressive CMS website created for your business.

Now you’re sitting back with a coffee in your hand and your thinking wow, that website looks good.

But as the weeks roll-on, and the weeks start to turn into months you start to get worried.

Your worried because the phones now gathering dust, and you had hoped more sales would have rolled in by now.

So you do your research, and you ask a friend and they say we know what you need! You need to invest in SEO.

SEO you ask, what on earth is that, your friend says search engine optimisation, it what can help to get your business onto the first page of Google.

So you phone a few seo agencies, yet you are shocked, and you are in a state of shock because the prices are different, but not by just a few quid, but sometimes be thousands.

So this has got your cogs turning, that is why do SEO prices differ so much?

Why do SEO quotes differ so much?

Well, there could be a million and one reasons, but that explanation doesn’t help anyone, so we thought we would ask our SEO consultants what they think the main reasons are that seo prices vary so much from agency to agency.

And this should provide you with a much better understanding as to why quotes differ so much.

White hat vs the get rich quick brigade

There are so many seo agencies that cut corners. These agencies know that when a business is shopping around for seo quotes, that when they go to some agencies, they will appear expensive, so if they offer an unbelievably good deal that they will get more business.

And what’s wrong with getting a bargain, nobody wants to pay more than they have to, right?

Well, here’s the thing if the quality of the SEO is low, well your website could incur a penalty.

And sometimes some businesses have had to spend thousands on another seo agency to fix the rubbish seo work that the previous seo agency had implemented.

So, what’s that old saying? I think it goes like this, buy cheap, pay twice. It’s just with SEO if a penalty is placed on the business’s website, well you won’t be paying twice, you may be paying a hundred times more for example to fix the problems.

That’s why our seo agency calls these seo agencies that offer low quality seo, the get rich quick brigade.

We call them this because even though they are charging low prices, they often don’t do much work for this. For example, the low quality work may well be automated link building, so they just click a few buttons, and there you have it millions of links built.

But we most definitely would not under no circumstances recommend such an approach to seo, as sooner rather than later the algorithm will detect this lazy and rubbish seo, and the website will drop down the rankings faster than an elevator falling because its had the cable cut.

So what’s white hat seo?

Ahh, we glad you asked, white hat seo is the seo that your business needs, it’s good quality seo.

But here’s the thing, and we don’t want to confuse you with this, but it’s the truth, some seo agencies say they are offering white hat seo when they are not.

So which SEO agency do you trust?

Well, that’s the dilemma.

You really do have to choose an agency that you know comes with strong recommendations, and even then you have to check that the work is white hat.

The agency doesn’t want you

This sounds a bit harsh, but its true, what we mean by this is some agencies have grown to such a size as a business that they don’t want to attract businesses with small marketing budgets.

Yet, some businesses may perceive that they are getting the best seo because they are handing over so much money.

Well, this might not be the case, that’s to say the agency may have deliberately set their prices high so they can only deal with larger businesses. So if you’re a small business, and your paying more because you perceive the expensive agency as being better, well you do have to grab a coffee, and have a think, are you paying over the odds?


A really obvious point, but one we have to mention, that is the cost of SEO is often dependent on where the seo agency is based. So, for example a digital marketing agency in London is most probably going to be more expensive than a company that’s based elsewhere in the U.K.

Also, you may live in a busy city, and the prices for seo may well be high where your business is located.

So, if you find an seo agency say in the neighbouring city that’s cheaper, and one you know offers good quality seo, well why not use them?

Okay, but what about you, do you offer SEO services?

Yes, yes, we do! We glad you asked!

We can offer organic seo and local seo, and our prices are very reasonable.

So why not give us a call, so we can go through what we can offer your business?


What can we do to improve our businesses local SEO?


It really doesn’t matter today if you own a shop selling guitars, or you’re a law practice that employs hundreds of staff, most businesses simply need to invest in SEO.

However, with so many marketing events, where various speakers recommend different ways that a business can improve its SEO, and with so many digital marketing agencies all recommending different ways to improve your local SEO on their blogs, well which information should you trust?

Well, the truth is there’s many ways that a business can improve its local SEO, and we are going to go through a few of the most popular ways.

Set up a Google My Business account

Okay, so this is important, if you run a local business, and you want to improve your local SEO, as well as improving your chances of showing up in the Google My Business results, well your going to need a Google My Business account.

Now this doesn’t just happen all by itself, nope your going to need to sign your business up, and this is a piece of cake.

The reason why so many SEO agencies recommend setting up a Google My Business account is simple, it can help to improve your businesses NAP.

Now NAP stands for name of your business, the businesses address and phone number. Most SEO companies, ours included, believe that it can help to improve a businesses local SEO, if the company’s NAP information is mentioned on your website, on business citations, and also on your businesses Google My Business account.

Content Marketing

Content marketing if done correctly can help to improve your businesses SEO, however so many businesses get this wrong.

For example, the Google Panda penalty may deem the content marketing as low-quality, and this can mean that the page drops in terms of where it ranks.

If the entire website has low-quality content marketing, meaning for example, that each page on the website on has a few lines of text, well  the entire website may well drop down the ranks.

This is why its especially important to work with a website designer, when your website is being created to make sure that sufficient information about the products or services is added to each page.

Sometimes a website that just has a few lines of text, could be deemed to be “content thin” so the businesses SEO may not do that well.

Quality content marketing on the other hand is completely different, it is content marketing that is useful to your customers.

So for example, lets say you sell electric bikes, and a common question that your bike shop gets frequently asked is “why do the prices of electric bikes vary so much”- so this is a great opportunity for your business to write a blog post, with this as the title.

You can then explain the different features that the bikes have, and why the price does vary so much.

If a lot of people want to find an answer to that very question, then the blog post is likely to attract a lot of readers, which could help to improve your businesses SEO.

White hat SEO agency

If your business is looking for a white hat SEO agency, then why not give us a ring?

We run a business here in Bristol- how can we improve our local SEO?



Bristol is home to many businesses, there are a wide mix of different companies here in the South West, from small companies, right through to large multinational PLC businesses here in Bristol.

However, there is one thing that unites a lot of these businesses, and that is they all need high quality SEO.

That’s to say it doesn’t matter if you run a scaffolding business in Bristol or Bath, or you run a solicitor’s practice that employs hundreds of staff, most businesses these days need to invest in SEO.

This article will explain what SEO is, and also how we work with many businesses to help improve their organic and local SEO.

What is SEO?

First things first, SEO simply means search engine optimisation-and this simply means that a lot of businesses in Bristol partner with a marketing agency to improve the company’s ranking factors.

Now, some businesses think that there are just a small number of ranking factors, however there are hundreds.

Most digital marketing agencies now believe there are over 200+ ranking factors, yet these are not all worth the same some are much more important than others.

For example, backlinks are widely considered, by many SEO agencies in Bristol to be one of the more important ranking factors.

Therefore, to get your business onto the first page, often you will need a lot of good-quality backlinks.

Other ranking factors include meta titles, meta descriptions and also content marketing for example.

How can it help my business here in Bristol?

Let’s say that you run a plumbing business here in Bristol, you would obviously benefit from getting your business on the first page for “boiler repair” or “boiler replacement” in the city of Bristol.

This is exactly how we help businesses, we can help to get your business on the first page for relevant words that are important to your company.

For example, let’s say that you run a scaffolding business, you would obviously want to go on the first page for “scaffolding companies” plus the name of the area where your business is based, we can help you to achieve this.

What is content marketing?

A lot of marketing agencies make content marketing sound really complicated, but content marketing is just what you are reading here, written text.

However, the work needs to be really high-quality, it needs to be “white hat”, if it is not white hat then this could negatively impact your businesses SEO.

If the content marketing that is written is low in quality, so for example you keep mentioning words that you want your business to rank for in an excessive way, and this does not read in the natural way, then this could mean that your business incurs a penalty.

What are backlinks?

You may hear your SEO agency talk a lot about backlinks, that’s because they are one of the most important ranking factors.

To get your business onto the first page, the business normally needs to have a lot of high-quality backlinks.

Why is my Bristol SEO agency stating that we need to invest every single month?

A lot of businesses sometimes believe that SEO is a one-off process- that is they pay a digital marketing agency a one-off fee, that’s to get onto the first page, however this is often not the case.

For the vast majority of businesses, they need to invest every single month.

A lot of business owners here in Bristol might be asking well why do we need to pay every single month?

The simple answer to that is your competitors will not stop trying to reach the first page, that is they will continually be paying an SEO agency to improve where the business ranks, or to stay put where the company ranks.

Therefore, this means if your business was to take its foot off the accelerator, then another businesses might quickly overtake you, this is why businesses need to pay every single month.

What is white hat SEO?

However, a lot of business owners here in the city of Bath, and also in Bristol think that all SEO agencies offer the same quality work, this is often not the case, that’s because some businesses will offer really good-quality white hat SEO and some will not.

You have to be careful about which business you choose, because if the quality of the work is low then your business might incur an algorithmic penalty.

How long would it take to get my business on to the first page?

This depends on the level of the competition, if your business faces a lot of competition, and your competitors have been investing for say the last nine years in SEO on average, then your business will have a lot of catching up to do.

That’s to say, let’s say you run a solicitor’s practice in the city centre of Bristol, if your business is a newly founded business, and you are going up against other solicitors practices which have been investing in SEO for say the last 10 years, then your business will have a lot of catching up to do and therefore to get your business onto the first page, will often need a lot more time and it could take a lot of time to get onto the first page.

However, on the other hand, let’s say that you are about to start a new coffee shop, and you want to get your business onto the first page for “local coffee shops”, in your area, there might only be say 10 local coffee shops, so it might be a lot easier.

What are ranking factors?

You might hear your Bristol digital marketing agency talk about ranking factors, ranking factors are simply the factors which an SEO consultant will strengthen to improve your businesses SEO.

For example, backlinks are one example of a ranking factor, and meta titles and meta descriptions are another, there are widely thought to be over 200 different ranking factors.

The algorithm will then calculate the strength of your ranking factors, and compare these with your competitors, if your business has the strongest ranking factors, then your business will be ranked on the first page.

Why must all of the work be high-quality?

All of the work must be high-quality otherwise your business could incur a penalty

Do many businesses invest in white hat SEO?

Many businesses in the city of Bath, England and also Bristol England invest in SEO.

Why does my SEO consultant keep talking about an algorithm?

It is the algorithm which decides where your business is ranked.

Why does the cost depend on how good my competitor’s SEO is?

If your competitors have really strong SEO, then it will take longer of your business to get onto the first page, because you need to beat there standard of SEO in order to overtake those businesses.

So, for example, if your competitors have been investing for the last 10 years in SEO, and your business is just getting started investing in SEO, there will be a lot of work to do to catch up with your competitors.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is what is used to get your business onto the first page locally, we can get your business on the first page in Bristol and also Bath.

This form of advertising is brilliant for local businesses such as plumbers, solicitors and hairdressers for example.

What business citations?

We can create business citations in order to improve your local SEO.

What are penalties?

If the work is not high-quality then your business could incur an algorithmic penalty.

Why we think it’s a good idea to partner with a Bath SEO agency or an agency in Bristol.

We think it’s a good idea to partner with a local SEO agency, so you can have face-to-face meetings with your SEO consultant’s.


No matter if you’re a plumber or let’s say a solicitor, one thing is for absolute certain, that is each business will face a lot of competition within Bristol.

And the reason for that is Bristol is a booming city, and as such its home to many companies.

Now it’s a good thing in a way that Bristol is a large city yet on the other hand your business does face a lot of competition- this is why so many company’s invest in SEO.

Yet, some company’s who are just getting started, well they may not know what their SEO agency should be working on in order to improve their SEO.

That’s to say they may well be paying a digital marketing agency, but not really knowing what they should be getting for their investment.

So that you are better informed on what are the important aspects when in comes to investing in local SEO, here’s 10 areas of local SEO that we deem as being important.

#1 Quality content marketing

Now you may have some digital marketing agencies that say for our monthly fee we do not offer content marketing. Instead they may focus more on onsite SEO, such as adding meta titles and meta descriptions.

However, when you pay a bit more, well you should expect your digital marketing agency to be offering you with quality content marketing.

So for example, let’s say your business is a vegan restaurant, well your online marketing agency may well be giving away free vegan recipes on your website, and if the work is good quality, then it may well be able to give your SEO a boost.

#2 Make sure your website is well designed

It’s all well and good searching for “best SEO agencies in Bristol” and then getting on the phone and saying we want to work with your SEO agency- but what if your website is poorly designed?

And by this we mean, well what if it’s a one-page website, that’s really badly designed. Well, normally the SEO company may say a redesign is needed, or some improvements that’s before SEO even starts.

So for example, the digital marketing agency may say you need to add more pages, or other design changes may well be needed.

So for example, let’s say that you run a solicitors practice, and you want to promote the employment law side of the business, well, your seo company may state that a dedicate employment law page is needed, or the page needs to be better designed.

#3 Quality backlinks

Your business will need quality backlinks. These backlinks should be built in a white hat way.

#4 Are your businesses citations consistent?

Let’s say your business was based in one location for quite a while, and you therefore had business citations built for that location. Then your business moved offices, and you build new business citations, but the old business citations still exist.

Well, this could cause conflicting business citations, which could damage your businesses seo. So, this would need to be rectified by your seo company.

#5 Onsite SEO

Your seo company should look to improve your company’s

·        Meta titles and meta descriptions

·        Alt text

·        Content marketing

·        Internal links

·        Add blog posts

·        Add new pages

#6 Regular

The thing is some businesses still think that organic seo is a one-off process, however it is not.

So, let’s say your business sells classic cars, and your seo business then takes your business to the top of Google for “classic cars Bristol”- yet if your business stops investing in seo, then its entirely possible that after a few weeks, or months your business drops back down if it does not keep investing in quality seo.

#7 Mobile version

There should be a mobile version of your website.

#8 White Hat

All work must be white hat

#9 Google My Business

Your business should have a Google My Business account

#10 Each service should have its own page

Each main service that your company offers should have its own page, for example a double glazing business should have one page for double glazed windows and then a different page for doors.

Why is organic SEO such a slow process?


Okay, so let’s be fair, in today’s fast paced world, none of us like waiting very long for anything!

So, whether it’s food at a restaurant we are waiting for, or perhaps waiting for that order that’s been made online to arrive at our door, none of like waiting more than we have to!

So, when a business spots that they are flagging behind some of their closest rivals in terms of where the business ranks on Google, well, often this is what prompts a business owner to call an SEO agency like Digital Tailors. We are an established Bristol SEO company.

But what often surprises some businesses is how long it takes to improve where a business rank’s organically.

That’s to say if you have recently started a brand new business, and you therefore have just had a new website designed, well, its not uncommon for some SEO agencies to state it can take up to a year to get the business onto the first page. And this is with good reason, a new website will not have any backlinks, no blog posts, might not have meta titles, meta descriptions- so what we are getting at is this, there is often a lot of work that needs to be done.

And for hyper competitive terms, such as “car insurance” well, it can take sometimes even longer than a year, that’s to say for hyper competitive terms, such as “divorce lawyers near me” or lets say “estate agents near me”- well often it will take longer than a year to get the business onto the first page, if the website is brand new.

So, this blog post will now look at why organic SEO is often such a slow process.

So, what factors influence how long it takes to get a business onto the first page of Google?

Good question, well, loads of factors influence the time it actually takes to get a business onto the first page of Google. Here are just some of them:

  • Number of good quality backlinks
  • How well designed your company website is
  • How many good quality piece of content marketing have you written?
  • Has the business got good onsite SEO?
  • And much more

But here’s the main one, and that is how strong your competitor’s SEO actually is. So, for example let’s say you want to start selling wedding dresses online, because your high street business selling wedding dresses isn’t doing as well as you had hoped, so now you want to start selling wedding dresses online.

Well, you may find that your competitors have been investing in organic white hat SEO for a very long time, so this means that their SEO is now very strong.

Now, if a business thinks it can suddenly leapfrog these businesses say in matter of just a few months, well, often they are mistaken.

As to get your business into a position where it ranks higher in Bath England, or lets say Bristol, well, your website has to have stronger organic SEO. And as you can imagine, if your direct competitors have been investing for ages to improve the company’s SEO, well, there’s normally a lot of catching up to do with the competition.


Okay, so why do some SEO companies state they can do this in just a few weeks?

There are some seo companies which promise the earth and everything that is in it, but in reality, they do not deliver on their promises!

Sometimes these companies use what are called “black hat seo methods” which basically means that if these methods are used, well, the business will incur a penalty.

You may have heard of the Google Penguin and the Google Panda penalties before now? Well, if you have, you will know that the businesses which have received such penalties, have seen their rankings drop and sometimes sharply.

So, we would strongly recommend that your business only invests in white hat seo, and this is normally much more expensive, yet this is the form of SEO that a business needs.

However, with that said, some seo agencies state they are “white hat” in order to obtain more customers- yet the methods that they use may not be white hat.

So as a business owner you really do have to give some thought as to which seo agency you do end up using.

What does Google’s Sandbox period even mean?

Some SEO companies, including ours believe that it takes longer to optimise new websites.

So, for example, let’s say there are two websites, both websites sell UPVC windows locally, one is a brand-new business, and therefore has a new website.

The second business, this business has a website and that’s been live selling UPVC windows for over 10 years now. So this means that as long as the second website hasn’t invested in rubbish SEO, the second website should be much easier to optimise.

The reason being is SEO agencies believe that new websites are placed into what’s called a “sand box” which basically means it takes much longer normally to optimise new websites.

Okay, so should we spend a lot of money into SEO right at the start?

Some SEO companies say that a business will require much more seo at the start, and often the marketing agencies then recommend paying a one-off fee, and this will be for a lot of SEO work that will be implemented all at once- we don’t think that this is a good idea.

We don’t think this is a good idea because from experience we think its far better to make incremental improvements to a website. That’s compared to implementing tons of seo all at once.

We believe that if a ton of SEO is implemented all at once, well, this can look like spam. So, for example a brand-new website may have blog posts added everyday, for the first few months of the website going live, we wouldn’t recommend this as a good idea.

It’s far better we think to take a slower pace, but to focus much more on quality, that’s to say quality is much more important than quantity when it comes to seo.

Okay, can your business offer to improve our organic seo?

Our digital marketing agency specialises in organic seo, so if your business wants to improve its organic rankings, well why not give us a ring?

Why does my SEO company keep stating that we need even more backlinks?

Undoubtably one of hardest parts of the entire SEO process is earning and building high-quality backlinks.

So, when a Bristol SEO agency states to a client we need to be earning more backlinks, well, the client may just be a bit cynical and believe that the seo company is just trying to get more money out of them.

However, here’s the thing, in reality often a business will need more backlinks. The reason for this is backlinks are often what separates a business at the top of Google, and those which are lower down the page.

So why is this so?

Well, in a nutshell some businesses think that SEO is like switching on the lights in your home- by this we mean some company’s think that as soon as start paying, then its like switching on a switch, and then the business appears on the first page of Google like magic.

However, in reality nothing could be further from the truth.

In reality businesses in Bath, England and also Bristol will have often worked hard for many years to get their business onto the first page.

And when we say these two cities, often businesses will have worked with a marketing company like ours for a long time to achieve this.

Then on the other side of the scale you have businesses which appear on a national scale, such as car insurance company’s now the amount of SEO work needed then is absolutely colossal.

But why does an SEO company need to do so much work to get a business onto the first page of Google?

Well, you should think of each business that’s on the first page of Google as a bar chart, that’s to say the business that ranks number one has say 100% of the bar.

Then the businesses that rank below have say less, say business number two has 95%.

Yet to get near those businesses the company must beat those company’s over 200 different factors.

What are these factors?

Well, us SEO agencies call these ranking factors, now a business that’s on the first page here in Bristol may have a serious competitive advantage over all the other businesses, so they are unlikely to give up that advantage without a fight, this is why businesses will often strengthen their SEO so another business cannot overtake the company, that’s even when the business is at the very top of Google’s results.

The reason being is in some industries, just moving down one or two places in the SERP’s could mean that the businesses sales get affected by quite a bit.

This is why SEO is often relentless, it never stops, most businesses will always be working on improving their SEO, never stopping to allow more businesses to take their spot.

So this is why businesses often recruit inhouse SEO consultants, or specialist SEO agencies like us here at Digital Tailors, which are based in Bath and also in the city of Bristol, England.

Why are backlinks so important?

Well, as you would expect most businesses are going to sing from the rooftops how good their products or services are on their own websites.

Yet, there has to be a way of differentiating between which websites are deemed as offering the best information.

So broadly speaking SEO can be split into two separate groups, that’s the onsite seo, so that’s writing all the interesting blog posts that your business publishes on its website for example.

And also improving the following:

·        Meta titles

·        Meta descriptions

·        Alt text

·        Anchor text

·        Internal backlinks

·        Content marketing

·        Speed

And the purpose of onsite seo is to make your website more relevant, so say somebody is looking for a local vets, well if your website offers loads of information about how to care for animals, such as which foods shouldn’t be fed to your dog , well your website could be deemed more relevant for looking after your pet, and also terms relating to vets.

But here’s where offsite SEO is always helpful, it can make your website have more authority by sending what’s called “link juice” to that website.

So digital marketing agencies will build high quality backlinks so that Googlebot can crawl and index these links.

When Googlebot crawls and indexes the backlinks, if the backlinks are high-quality and relevant to your business, then this can improve your rankings.

And what do we mean by relevant?

Well, if you run say a classic car dealership in Bath, in the South West of England, and lets say you sell prestige cars, then you should look to obtain quality backlinks, from websites that are to do with cars, or more ideally websites that are to do with classic cars.

And does a business just need a few backlinks?

No, often what is needed is hundreds, if not thousands of good quality backlinks for the business to get onto the first page of Google.

Notice that we used the wording “good-quality”- well, that’s with really good reason, that’s because if the backlinks are of good quality, then Googlebot and Google’s algorithm will know that the links are of high-quality and that they come from a quality website, such as The Guardian Newspaper for example, that’s a high-quality website.

Yet, if you hire the wrong SEO company in Bristol, or indeed anywhere in the U.K or the world for that matter, and that business doesn’t build high-quality backlinks, well, what can happen is the website obtains a penalty.

Algorithmic penalties and manual penalties   

If a marketing agency was to build low-quality backlinks, or lets say a business was to build low quality backlinks themselves, then the business could incur a penalty.

For example, many businesses in Bristol have built low-quality backlinks, often by buying backlinks, then the business has been hit by a Google Penguin penalty.

This means that the business could be removed from Google, or the  business may see a page or the whole website move down the ranks.

And what do we mean by that.

Well, say the business was on page one of Google, after the business has been hit by a penalty, lets say a Google Penguin penalty, then the business may get ranked on page 10 of Google.

So to avoid such penalties all businesses must adhere to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, plus all the work implemented must be white hat.

Some Seo agencies here in Bristol will try to cut corners, sometimes this is because they are under pressure from the client to generate results, then the business that is building backlinks may build low quality backlinks, which when noticed by Googlebot and Google’s algorithm will mean that the business receives a Google penalty.

What does link juice mean?

A website that’s widely respected, for example let’s say MOZ, which is a website that SEO’s gain advice from, well this website will have a lot of link juice.

And link juice simply means that the website has a lot of good quality websites which link to that website, which are do-follow backlinks, so link juice is passed over. So for example let’s say the BBC that will have a lot of links following to www.bbc.co.uk/news so this means that there is a lot of good quality link juice following to that site, so when the BBC links to another site, that site may also receive link juice which will  help  to improve that websites seo.

So, in a nutshell, your business will want good quality websites linking to it, which are relevant to your business which can also pass link juice.

The more good quality websites that link to your website, the more link juice and your businesses rankings can improve.

Okay, so your saying the more backlinks the better?

No-  we are not saying that, don’t think that quantity is more important than quality.

Quality is the most important thing that you must consider when building backlinks.

So, for example, if you were to purchase a new car, would you trust a car review from a local dealership that sells just that make of car?

Nope probably not. Would you trust a website that reviews load of different cars, which is impartial and which is widely regarded as an authority on everything to do with the automotive industry?

Yes, you would, and this is what your business should think about, your business has to look to be earning backlinks from good quality websites.

If you are in any doubt as to where you should be earning backlinks from, we would strongly recommend speaking to an seo agency for help.

The reason being is if backlinks are built incorrectly, well, this could mean that the business incurs a penalty, such as a Google Penguin penalty.

Okay, so how should my business be obtaining backlinks?

We would strongly recommend that your business earns backlinks, that’s to say never ever purchase backlinks.

So many businesses that have purchased backlinks have incurred a link penalty. So, with that in mind don’t purchase backlinks, instead earn them.

What do you mean by earning backlinks?

What we mean is using the knowledge that’s within your company to create blog posts, and content marketing that show’s off your company’s knowledge.

So, let’s say for example you run a construction business, and your business specialises in loft conversions and property extensions.

Now you may offer loads of advice on how you build your loft conversions and property extensions on your website, and we think that’s a good idea.

Now this is where some people may well be thinking, good idea! How’s it a good idea to be giving away information for free, if people start building their own loft conversions from the advice I give, well I will be out of business.

Well, here’s the thing, most businesses give away information for free, whether that’s a mobile phone shop reviewing a new smartphone, or a builder explaining how they build their property extensions.

The truth is this, by adding blog posts to your website you could obtain the following:

·        Keep people on your website for longer

·        Reduce your businesses bounce rate

·        Obtain more backlinks

Notice how we mentioned obtain more backlinks, and you’re probably thinking well how is that so?

Well, someone who runs a blog that talks about home improvements, may well be writing an article about how to convert dead space, i.e loft space, into another room within your home.

They may like your article that you have written on your construction website, so they mention your blog post, and link to your article about how to build a loft conversion.

And that’s how you earn links.

Okay, can your business help us with our SEO, we simply haven’t got the time to be working on our SEO

Sure, whether your business requires organic seo, or local seo we can help.

We offer very affordable prices, so why not give us a ring?

How do you build backlinks?


So here’s the thing, your business is investing in SEO at the moment, and things are going great, there’s just one niggling question that you have, that is- why is the SEO agency spending so much time looking for backlinks?

And that’s such a good question, as with many businesses spending thousands each and every month on SEO, well, as a business owner you want to know where your hard-earnt money is being spent.

So, this blog post has the aim of informing you about what backlinks are, why they are useful and also how they have to improve your businesses SEO.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are simply a link that takes you from one page on a website to another. Now backlinks can be internal or they can be external.

Internal backlinks quite simply just take you from one page on the website, to another page, but you stay on the same website.

So for example, let’s say you were looking for wedding dress inspiration, and you find a designer near you.

This wedding dress designer then publishes regular blog posts, and you see within the blog post that the wedding dress designer has highlighted the word “Vintage wedding dresses”, you click the link and then you stay on the same website, yet you are taken to the page that advertises the businesses vintage wedding dresses- this is an example of an internal backlink.

Then there’s external backlinks, and from an SEO perspective these are the more important backlinks.

Yet, here’s the thing, the backlinks that your business requires must be good quality, they must be built in a white hat way, plus the backlinks must be relevant to your business.

What does “link juice” mean?

Here’s what your company should be doing, they should be building backlinks which are good quality and working on getting more “link juice” sent to a page or the homepage of your website.

What do we mean by the term “link juice?”

Well, we like to think of link juice a bit like electrical power, so yes you guessed it, the more link juice you can send to a website the better. In essence the more power you are giving it, and therefore the website has a better chance of ranking higher.

However, here’s the thing, the links must be good quality and relevant. If the links aren’t good quality, well you might not be improving your businesses seo, you could be actually damaging it.

The reason you could be damaging your businesses seo is because poor quality backlinks could trigger a link penalty.

That’s to say the search engines, such as Google have been engineered so that they can detect low quality links. The part of the algorithm that does this for Google is called the Google Penguin updates, and these updates can detect low quality backlinks.

Why are backlinks so important?

Backlinks are important because they are one of the most important “ranking signals”.

For those that don’t know what “ranking signals” are, well there are over 200 and Google uses these to work out how important your company’s website is.

However, here’s the thing, not all of these signals are worth the same, that’s because backlinks are considered one of the most important, while say the meta title is thought to be one of the less important signals.

So, the more backlinks the better?

No, this is a mistake that so many businesses have made, that’s to say they have believed that the more backlinks they obtain, regardless of quality the better- this is a mistake.

The reason being is good quality backlinks can help to improve your businesses rankings, yet low quality links, well these could trigger a Google Penguin penalty.

What were the Google Penguin updates?

Google has made loads of changes to its algorithm, for example, you may have heard of the Google Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird updates long before now? Well all of these have helped to improve the algorithm.

The Google Penguin and the Panda updates have helped to punish websites that have used rubbish seo techniques, so that the businesses that use quality seo (white hat), and offer quality information, well these will have done better and this white hat seo can help to improve where a business ranks.

So, in a nutshell, if your thinking of investing in seo, or you are at the moment, well its only worth investing in quality seo, as if your business incurs a penalty, such as a Google Penguin penalty, well the businesses rankings will most likely go down.

So, tell me, how do you build backlinks?

We always recommend that a business earns backlinks, what we mean by this is a business should offer really good information, this is so other websites want to link to it.

So let’s say for example you run a business that sells tennis rackets, if you were to publish blog posts offering advice on which tennis rackets, for example such an article could be titled “4 great tennis rackets you can purchase for under £70.00”- well this article may well be of interest to a lot of people, so your business may earn backlinks from this.

This is how you earn backlinks, rather than asking business to link to your website.

If your business requires organic or local seo, then why not call us?


7 steps improve your businesses onsite SEO


When reading over most digital marketing companies’ websites it’s easy to think that implementing SEO is super hard.

Yet, with that said there are some things that you can do to improve your company’s onsite SEO that are not all that difficult.

So without further ado here’s 7 steps to improve your businesses onsite seo.

#1 Meta titles and Meta descriptions

Do you think that once a business has its websites on the first page of Google that is it, job done- no more work needed?

Well the simple answer to that is this is not the case. The reason being imagine for a second you looking to purchase a new coffee machine for your home, so you ask Google to find you some coffee machines that have excellent customer reviews.

Then you will be presented with loads of different websites to choose from, and this where a well written meta title and meta description can come into its own.

So, if don’t know what a meta title or meta description is, well quite simply put they are the title and short description that you see on Google’s results.

So, for example one meta title and meta description may grab your eye because it reads something like this:

Meta title: Bean to cup coffee machines, all our coffee machines can be delivered next day

Meta description: We stock a wide range of affordable coffee machines, all are voted above 9 /10 in terms of our customers satisfaction. Best of all we offer a money back guarantee.

So as you can see this type of meta title and meta description may grab your attention. This is why when your business gets on the first page of Google, it often doesn’t mean that your digital marketing agency will stop optimising your website to improve your click through rate (CTR).

Also as an seo agency will tell you, even when a business does get their website onto the first page of Google, it doesn’t mean that the business will stay there for any great period of time, unless the business invests in more SEO.

#2 Content marketing

Whether it’s a blog post or perhaps a guide that’s 3000 words long, content marketing can help to improve your businesses SEO.

However, here’s the thing, the content marketing must be white hat, if it isn’t well this could damage your businesses SEO, so only invest in white hat seo.

#3 Alt tags

Sometimes seo agencies talk about the really important parts of SEO, like building backlinks until they are blue in the face.

Yet, sometimes its also important not to forget the less important parts of SEO, like using alt text.

If you don’t know what alt text means, well its simply a description of what a picture is about.

So, for example, let’s say you sell used cars, you could add alt text that states “red-car-brand-of-car-and-model-of-car”.

So, when someone is looking for that brand of car, and that model in that colour well you will make your page of your website selling that car easier to find.

#4 Internal links

Let’s say you run a solicitor’s practice, and you specialise in the area of divorce, so naturally you would be writing weekly blog posts about the divorce process.

And this week you may well be writing a really long blog post, and your talking about changes that are due to take place to the divorce process.

Yet, you mention something that you know not many readers will know about, let’s say for example you mentioned the term “collaborative law”.

Now instead of describing what the term “collaborative law” means you may choose to use an internal link. So for example, you may use the term collaborative law as the anchor text, and then link to the main page that describes that service which your business offers in much more detail.

#5 H1- H6 tags

You may well be writing a really long blog post, lets say your talking about a new interior décor style.

And to achieve this style within your home your going to need to use different paint, a style of furniture, different colour furnishings and also different accessories for your home.

So naturally you wouldn’t group all these different items together, normally you split the blog post into sections. And the normal way to do this is to use titles.

Now to help Google, and the other search engines know what this new interior design blog post is about, you may wish to mark the titles with H1 to H6 tags.

Which basically tells the search engine that these are titles.

#6 Social media

Have you made it easy for people to talk about your business on social media? Well, it can be a really good way of getting people to know about your business.

For example someone who’s interested in interior design may say on social media, “I have just read this great article about how to turn your kitchen into a country farmhouse style, why not have a read!”.

Now a link may well be offered to your website, and then this social media post may bring in hundreds of new readers to your website.

So make it easy for people to find your social media accounts, so that your business can also obtain more followers.

#7 Contact us forms

Let’s return to our previous example, lets say someone is thinking of going through with a divorce, yet at the moment they are just looking to find a family law practice that they want to work with.

This person may visit say over 20 different family law websites, yet there may well be one that states “fill in this quick form, and talk to one of our solicitors free for 30 minutes over the phone”.

Now this may well be all that is needed for someone to fill in the form, and the business can then offer advice and hopefully gain a new client.

So contact forms which make it really easy for the person to contact your business, can be a really good marketing tool, this is so that you can gain your customers for your business.

If your business requires white hat seo, then why not call us?

What does “NAP” even mean?


If your company has just investing in SEO, then this means you’re probably already familiar with hearing the term “NAP”.

That’s to say your SEO agency may have mentioned in their monthly seo report that they have adding your companies NAP details to business citations.

Yet, what does this all mean?

Well this blog post is dedicated to explaining what NAP means and how it can be used to improve your company’s SEO.

Okay, come on then, what does NAP mean?

Well one things for sure, that is NAP doesn’t need some elaborate answer, that’s because NAP just means your businesses name, its address and the companies phone number- that is it!

However what need a bit more of an explanation is how a businesses NAP details can be used to help improve that businesses SEO.

So, how do you use a businesses NAP details to improve its SEO?

Well first things first you have to get the businesses NAP details on the website. Now that’s done you may wish to ask a digital marketing agency whether that information can be crawled and indexed.

Whether or not the businesses NAP details can be crawled and indexed is just a fancy way of saying can Google read this information?

For example, you may have a website where the NAP details are displayed in a picture, if so this would make it harder for Googlebot to read the information.

So you just want the information written in plain text, but if your seo company wants to push the  boat out, well we would recommend marking-up the text using Schema.

Now that’s done its time to set up a Google My Business account.

Google My Business

Now that the NAP information is on your website, you may wish to set up a Google My Business account.

Now this is an absolute piece of cake, so its well worth you staying an extra hour to build your Google My Business account.

Business citations

The next thing would be to build business citations, these are easy to do, just make sure that you mention your companies NAP details in exactly the same way you mentioned these on your website.

Okay so what’s the whole point of this?

Well, in order to answer that its easier to provide an example, so let’s imagine there are two builders and both want to invest in local seo.

Now builder A goes to an SEO company that hasn’t got a clue. The construction business changes addresses, they notify the seo company and they update the company’s website, but not the Google My Business account or the businesses 30 odd business citations.

What does this mean?

Well it means the business now has “conflicting business citations”- which simply means that the business is mentioned on its website as being in one address, and the business citations state its at the old address.

This confuses people that want to know where the construction firm is based, and it confuses Google’s algorithms as it may not know if the business is at the old address or the new one.

Now let’s look at construction firm B, they have hired a leading seo agency, and that marketing agency has correctly implemented the businesses NAP details.

So, the NAP details have been correctly put on the companies website, they can be read by Googlebot. Also the businesses Google My Business account and all of the businesses citations match with the website.

So which website do you think will rank higher?

Well its likely to be construction firm B.

Construction firm B doesn’t cause any headaches as to where the business is located, and therefore customers and the algorithms therefore have much better confidence that the business is at that business location.

Okay, it sounds like you know what your talking about, how much does this SEO cost?

Well, this does depend on the level of competition that your business faces. The reason it depends on the level of competition is simply because its likely that most of your companies competitors will also want their website on the first page of Google as well.

So this means if the level of competition is high, that the level of SEO work needed is often substantial.

So in order to provide your business with an accurate quote, we would we need to look at your website to work out how much work is needed, and how good your competitors SEO is as well.

If therefore you would like to obtain a quote, then why not give us a ring?