How should a business determine which digital marketing agency to opt for?


No matter which city your business is based, you will be swamped with choice in terms of the number of seo agencies that want your b.

There are agencies that cater for big businesses, and then on the other end of scale there are agencies that offer very low prices.

This means that for some business owners, it can be a difficult time knowing which agency to choose.

But don’t worry too much about this, as our team of experts have had their penny’s worth on the matter and stated their top tips below.

Marketing jargon just simply doesn’t cut it anymore

As stated earlier, there are simply so many agencies out there. Most have funky names, and bright office spaces, that are constantly shared on social media.

So, from an outside perspective, and getting into a customer’s shoes for just a second, you can begin to see the difficultly as who to choose.

Then once you’ve sat down with a perspective seo agency, your mind may start to boggle at the amount of marketing jargon that you have just heard.

Normally a business owner now will go one of two ways, they are either thinking wow that agency knows its stuff, or alternatively wow that agency is full of it.

We think there’s no place for the overuse of seo jargon. Instead we think its far better to explain things clearly, and for a client to feel part of the process, rather than feeling totally alienated.

Big fees don’t necessarily mean big results

When it comes to seo, it all boils down to how much knowledge the agency has. Now a business owner would be forgiven for thinking that the largest agency in their area must be the best.

This is an approach that a lot of business think, and that is if they are the largest, well they must have the brightest and best marketing minds working there.

This may well be so, yet for those in the know will know this as well, and that is sometimes in some agencies there may well be only a handful of really knowledgeable staff.

Sometimes these absolute seo masterminds only get assigned the largest, and most profitable accounts.

For what the agency may deem as less important accounts, well they may be assigned to someone with the word “junior” within their job title.

They may be ambitious, polite and responsive to your messages, yet their seo knowledge may well be lacking or non-existent.

The reason being is really talented and expert seo consultants are few and far between. If they haven’t been gobbled up by a large business, they may just be few in number, or too expensive for some agencies.

So, our best, and most important advice is this, meet the person who is managing your account, and pick their brains, make sure they know there stuff.

If they delay answering your questions there and then use delay tactics such as I will have to check the answer to that, then alarm bells should be ringing.

White hat is a must

The term “white hat” is probably the most overused phrase there is within the seo profession.

And for those that don’t know what this means, it simply means that the agency doesn’t cut corners.

That the agency, or the marketing consultant will do things properly. However, some agencies state they are white hat when they are anything but.

So, do get a second opinion, perhaps ask a knowledgeable website designer, or another agency to provide an opinion on your marketing strategy.

If the business is implementing any part of the strategy incorrectly, then this could result in a penalty.

Now a penalty can be an algorithmic or a manual penalty, which can mean that a businesses rankings drop, and sometimes by a lot.

So, do make sure that you partner with the right agency.


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How much should we be forking out on SEO each month?


It’s a question that has had many a business owners scratching their heads to, and that is how much should they be paying for SEO (search engine optimisation?)

In todays digital economy, if your business is not online, well it may well be missing out.

It used to be a question of, does your business have a website? Now, its more a question of how good is the SEO company that you are hiring?

As everyone already knows, those businesses that are on the first page of Google, well, some can do very well in terms of generating more sales because they have invested in white hat seo. However, for those businesses further down, say on page two, well they might not gain any sales at all.

So, there’s the dilemma, how much should a business be spending on advertising online?

Thankfully our team have stuck their heads together, and we have come up with suggestions as to how much a business should expect to spend on their SEO each month.

A marketing budget of £500.00 and below

If you run a small business in Bristol, which is in the South West England, and you wish to market your business locally, say within just Bristol, then a marketing budget of £500.00 should do just the trick for some businesses.

However, for those that know a thing or two about SEO will already know this, it all boils down to the level of competition within the business sector which your company operates within.

So, if your business operates within a highly competitive business sector, say for example you run a solicitor’s practice that specialises in the area of divorce, well £500.00 will most certainly not cut the mustard there.

Instead, in competitive business sectors, you should expect to pay upwards of two thousand per month would be our estimate, and sometimes even more for ultra-competitive business sectors.

A marketing budget of a £1000.00 per month

If you have a marketing budget of £1000.00 per month, then this again is ideal if your company is looking to invest in local seo in Bristol. If you want national seo, and you operate in a low competition business sector, then this may also be enough.

For example, say your business manufacturers a part for the automotive industry, and there are only say 30 manufacturers within the U.K that can make this part for the car’s engine, then the thousand a month spent may well suffice.

How much should my business be spending on national SEO?

National SEO, and global SEO are the most difficult to implement, with this in mind budgets can vary quite massively.

Some businesses that operate in low competition business sectors may pay one thousand per month, that’s for say a business that sells aluminium ladders online. While it’s not unheard of for say an insurance business to pay millions per year for white hat seo services.

We have just received a quote back from an SEO agency for 10k per month, how have they come to this quote?

Sometimes a business owner will receive back a quote of 10k plus per month, that’s in order to implement seo for that particular company.

Now, this may sound a lot, and it is by any companies’ standards, however what can happen is the level of competition may well be so high, this may well be the level of investment that is needed.

For example, let’s say your business wants to sell home insurance, which is a fiercely competitive business sector, then you would expect the level of investment in white hat SEO to be very high.

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