Why you should make sure your onsite SEO is right, before you build backlinks…


If you were to have a look at most marketing agencies blogs, they are full of posts about how to build backlinks.

And yeah, sure, backlinks are still a massive part of improving a businesses SEO, however, sending a do-follow backlink, which has good link equity and from a relevant website, through to a page, which has a sky-high bounce rate on your website, well what’s the point?

Its like tuning an engine for months, to turn up on the day of the race and decide your going to leave the handbrake on!

So, we are going to talk about what backlinks are, why there important, but also, why you need to get your onsite seo right as well.

Website and its rankings

So sure, if you were to talk to most leading seo companies, about which ranking factors are still considered to be the most important, well there likely to say, backlinks are still very crucial.

So much so, our agency would say that there still in the top three of ranking factors which search engines, like Google use to determine how strong your companies SEO is.

This means that in order to get a business onto the first page of the SERP’s, that’s the search engine results pages, well, more often than not, your going to need a lot of quality links.

So, backlinks, for those that don’t already know, are simply links from one website to another, so for example, lets say you run your own cookery website, and you then list links to a supermarkets page where you bought the ingredients, this would be an example of sending a backlink from your blog, to say a food retailers website.

Now, not only is this super useful for the person that wants to follow that recipe your making, but its also useful in terms of a search engine, like Google working out how many links lead to a website, and whether or not the backlinks are good quality.

So, lets say a supermarket has 60,000 quality backlinks, all from say cookery websites, food review websites and also from award companies, these if they are quality, will help the retailers organic seo.

So, businesses of all sizes, from major online retailers, like a supermarket, through to a small business selling dog food online, want quality and relevant backlinks, because if the links are good, they can really help improve a company’s SEO.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Lets say you run a high street shop, when you get shoppers walk through the door, you’re going to want to keep them shopping for as long as possible, as you want to increase sales.

This should be extended to your online business, there’s no point in having say 1 million organic visitors, if the page is poorly designed, and leads to a super high bounce rate.

So, make sure your website is well-designed, and lets say pushes the boat out to do everything you can to get a sale, or sign someone up to a newsletter, or simply has a contact form, so someone rings the customer back.


Are there any indexation issues or broken links?

Let’s say that you hire an SEO company, and they do an absolute perfect job of building high-quality backlinks, yet, that “link-juice” well it gets wasted?

Why does it get wasted?

Well because the link might be broken, or by mistake, something as simple as a “no-index” tag is left on, which deindexes the page, and it doesn’t get ranked in Googles SERPS.

So, if someone in your SEO team needs to check the backlinks are leading to pages which are live, and there’s no indexation issues.