Can a websites design have any bearing on SEO?


Sometimes a business will believe that a website’s design does not impact the companies SEO, however the long and short of it is this, it does. It simply boils down to this, the web design needs to be completed to a good standard, so does the seo.

Let us explain, let’s say that you are about to enter a race, now there’s no point in having a high-performance engine built, and then place that engine this in the body of the car which is wholly unsuitable for motor racing.

At the first bend, it’s likely that the suspension and body roll means that you are not likely to be a strong competitor and start lagging behind the competition pretty quickly. That’s because even though the engines strong, the cars body is not set up for racing.

This is exactly the same concept that you should take when you think about hiring local SEO companies, because they are the engine that needs to drive the rankings up, but if have a rubbish website designed, well it’s not going to be strong enough to get your site onto the first page of Google.

That’s because, for a website to get onto the very first page of Google’s organic results, well, its going to need the following:


–        Be relevant to the query

–        Have followed Google’s WebMaster Guidelines

–        Needs to offer a good user experience


Now, lets say the websites difficult to use, you cant find products easily, well, guess what?

That wont offer a good user experience.

So, you need a well-designed website, it’s the foundation that the SEO is built up from, so remembers there’s no point in having a roaring engine, unless the rest of equation is set-up right.

You need to factor in “bounce rates” we believe there becoming a more important part of SEO.

You might hire one of the world’s best SEO consultants to work for you, and they may flood the website with relevant “organic visitors”, yet let’s say that the web design is so poor, that the bounce rate goes through the roof, you might ask well, what’s is the point? Its like getting shoppers through the door of a shop, then asking them to leave straightaway, a pointless exercise!

And that’s exactly right, is like laying new carpet or decorating your house, while ignoring the leaky roof, your attention needs to be focused on what’s important, and that means you need a well-designed website, that serves its purpose of selling your company’s products in the best possible way, before you start to build and strengthen the organic SEO.

You want to be the last click

Here’s something that you might not hear on a lot of marketing agencies talk-about, yet this is something that a lot of business owners around the world can understand, that is your business should aim to be the last click.

So, what do we mean by this?

Well, SEO is changing, and the search engines are using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to see which business best answers a query, do you want to be the first click, or the last one?

Why we say that is because, it implies that if your company is the last clicked on in the SERP’s, that you are more likely to have provided what the shopper wants.

So, whether they’re looking to buy luxury chocolate online or new car tyres, if your business is the last one that’s clicked on, and it’s clear that a shopper has spent a long time browsing your products, then this can be a clear indicator you with satisfied what the shopper is looking for.

If you have a poor website design- so the business makes it hard to sort products by say price, or to navigate the website, because of a menu that’s difficult to use, well you’re not likely to be a last click, you more likely to be a business that people leave to go to a better competitor’s website.

Put your customers first

Also often businesses compare web design quotes, like they are purchasing a new set of office chairs, that is to say, the company may want the cheapest price, yet web design should not be seen as something that needs to be bought cheaply, because sometimes it is the sole way that the business markets itself.

Instead, what you want is not the cheapest price, you will quality.

Don’t expect high-performance from a cheap website

Right at the start this article, we talked about a race car, and that if you’re serious about winning the race, the whole car needs to be set up to beat the competition, and this is exactly the same concept when it comes to digital marketing.

There is absolutely no point in racing about trying to find a seo agency, say in Bath, England, to help improve your SEO, unless you have a good quality website built to start seo.

You need to get the foundations right first

You need to get the foundations right- by this mean the basics, so for example if you run a service-based business, each distinct service should have its own page, meta title, meta description on-site SEO and so on.

If you have purchased a cheap one-page website, and you offer several different services in Bath, then it will be very difficult to implement white hat SEO on that website.

Really basic, rarely ever cuts the mustard

If you’ve gone for a really cheap and basic website for your company here in The South West of England, or a website that you’ve built yourself, you have to ask yourself this- is it up to beating the standard of the competition, that’s currently on the first page of Google?

For example, let’s say that you’re a builder here in Bath, and you need more construction work, so you hire a local SEO company, yet they may say that the sites so basic, it’s not good enough to start improving the organic SEO on.

With SEO you got to be realistic, is the website good enough to stand up against the competition, or you could be failing at the first hurdle?

Sure, there’s tons of digital marketing agencies which will take your marketing budget and ask very few questions, but the real good ones say this, “is the design good enough to take on competition”?

Remember there’s no point in entering the race, unless your company here in Bristol, or if your run a business in Bath, has invested in a good web design.

Think about hiring a business that offers the whole package

Who’s got the time to be managing a social media agency, a web design company and an SEO agency, well we would say very few.

Therefore, why not hire one business, which can manage all of these for you?

Make sure that the on-site SEO is spot on

Make sure that the on-site SEO is up to standard, for that you need us

How our agency can help

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