Why is organic SEO such a slow process?


Okay, so let’s be fair, in today’s fast paced world, none of us like waiting very long for anything!

So, whether it’s food at a restaurant we are waiting for, or perhaps waiting for that order that’s been made online to arrive at our door, none of like waiting more than we have to!

So, when a business spots that they are flagging behind some of their closest rivals in terms of where the business ranks on Google, well, often this is what prompts a business owner to call an SEO agency like Digital Tailors. We are an established Bristol SEO company.

But what often surprises some businesses is how long it takes to improve where a business rank’s organically.

That’s to say if you have recently started a brand new business, and you therefore have just had a new website designed, well, its not uncommon for some SEO agencies to state it can take up to a year to get the business onto the first page. And this is with good reason, a new website will not have any backlinks, no blog posts, might not have meta titles, meta descriptions- so what we are getting at is this, there is often a lot of work that needs to be done.

And for hyper competitive terms, such as “car insurance” well, it can take sometimes even longer than a year, that’s to say for hyper competitive terms, such as “divorce lawyers near me” or lets say “estate agents near me”- well often it will take longer than a year to get the business onto the first page, if the website is brand new.

So, this blog post will now look at why organic SEO is often such a slow process.

So, what factors influence how long it takes to get a business onto the first page of Google?

Good question, well, loads of factors influence the time it actually takes to get a business onto the first page of Google. Here are just some of them:

  • Number of good quality backlinks
  • How well designed your company website is
  • How many good quality piece of content marketing have you written?
  • Has the business got good onsite SEO?
  • And much more

But here’s the main one, and that is how strong your competitor’s SEO actually is. So, for example let’s say you want to start selling wedding dresses online, because your high street business selling wedding dresses isn’t doing as well as you had hoped, so now you want to start selling wedding dresses online.

Well, you may find that your competitors have been investing in organic white hat SEO for a very long time, so this means that their SEO is now very strong.

Now, if a business thinks it can suddenly leapfrog these businesses say in matter of just a few months, well, often they are mistaken.

As to get your business into a position where it ranks higher in Bath England, or lets say Bristol, well, your website has to have stronger organic SEO. And as you can imagine, if your direct competitors have been investing for ages to improve the company’s SEO, well, there’s normally a lot of catching up to do with the competition.


Okay, so why do some SEO companies state they can do this in just a few weeks?

There are some seo companies which promise the earth and everything that is in it, but in reality, they do not deliver on their promises!

Sometimes these companies use what are called “black hat seo methods” which basically means that if these methods are used, well, the business will incur a penalty.

You may have heard of the Google Penguin and the Google Panda penalties before now? Well, if you have, you will know that the businesses which have received such penalties, have seen their rankings drop and sometimes sharply.

So, we would strongly recommend that your business only invests in white hat seo, and this is normally much more expensive, yet this is the form of SEO that a business needs.

However, with that said, some seo agencies state they are “white hat” in order to obtain more customers- yet the methods that they use may not be white hat.

So as a business owner you really do have to give some thought as to which seo agency you do end up using.

What does Google’s Sandbox period even mean?

Some SEO companies, including ours believe that it takes longer to optimise new websites.

So, for example, let’s say there are two websites, both websites sell UPVC windows locally, one is a brand-new business, and therefore has a new website.

The second business, this business has a website and that’s been live selling UPVC windows for over 10 years now. So this means that as long as the second website hasn’t invested in rubbish SEO, the second website should be much easier to optimise.

The reason being is SEO agencies believe that new websites are placed into what’s called a “sand box” which basically means it takes much longer normally to optimise new websites.

Okay, so should we spend a lot of money into SEO right at the start?

Some SEO companies say that a business will require much more seo at the start, and often the marketing agencies then recommend paying a one-off fee, and this will be for a lot of SEO work that will be implemented all at once- we don’t think that this is a good idea.

We don’t think this is a good idea because from experience we think its far better to make incremental improvements to a website. That’s compared to implementing tons of seo all at once.

We believe that if a ton of SEO is implemented all at once, well, this can look like spam. So, for example a brand-new website may have blog posts added everyday, for the first few months of the website going live, we wouldn’t recommend this as a good idea.

It’s far better we think to take a slower pace, but to focus much more on quality, that’s to say quality is much more important than quantity when it comes to seo.

Okay, can your business offer to improve our organic seo?

Our digital marketing agency specialises in organic seo, so if your business wants to improve its organic rankings, well why not give us a ring?