Why isn’t my website getting many organic visitors?


So, you may have been implementing SEO yourself, or possibly you have been paying an SEO company to implement seo for you.

Yet now your wondering why your business isn’t getting the number of organic visitors that you had hoped for.

This has you a bit confused, as you may have paid a lot money for SEO, and now your wondering well why isn’t your website generating more sales.

So we thought it would be really useful if we asked our seo consultants what we thought were some of the main reasons why a businesses may not be gaining many organic visitors.

Not enough backlinks

One of the main reasons some businesses are on the first page of Google is because they have good quality backlinks.

That’s to say some businesses many have thousands, and sometimes millions of good quality backlinks.

However, here’s the thing, your business shouldn’t just focus on building backlinks, your business should focus on building good quality backlinks.

The reason for this is that low quality backlinks, well, these could actually damage your businesses SEO.

The reason that is so is because Google could place a penalty on a website, which is called the Google Penguin penalty on any website which has low quality backlinks.

So only build good quality links.

Just not enough content

Okay so let’s say you’ve just launched your brand-new business, let’s say you are selling luxury kitchens for example.

Well, you may have paid a web design business an absolute fortune to build your website, and the website may show brilliantly which kitchens your business can offer.

Yet, with that said, the website may well be mostly visual, that’s to say yes a person will get a good idea of the different types of kitchens that you sell, yet there may not be enough written work describing the kitchens.

This means that Google may struggle to actually know what your business has to offer, as often the product description, meta titles, meta descriptions and various titles will give an idea of what that page is selling.

Yet if your website is very minimalistic, that’s to say there’s not much in the way of a description, well this could be the reason that the business is not gaining many organic visitors.

Bounce rate

It could be the case that some pages on your website are getting a lot of organic visitors, yet for some reason a lot of people are choosing to leave your companies website more or less straightaway.

Us SEO’s refer to such a page as having a high “bounce rate”. Your seo agency should therefore look at why the page has such a high bounce rate, and if a design change to the page could reduce the bounce rate.

Not enough service pages

Here’s a really common problem that some businesses will have, that is they have a website that doesn’t fully state all of the services that the business offers.

So for example let’s say that the business is an SEO agency, well some seo companies may state on their website that offer organic seo, and they may have a page set up on their website that is dedicated to explaining what organic seo, and what their company can offer.

Yet the business may not have a page set up for link building or a page set up for local seo for example.

So what this can mean is that the business may not be appearing for all the various services that the business can offer. They may well just be appearing for “organic seo” but not “link building” or “local seo”.

This could be one of the reasons why the business hasn’t many organic visitors.

Hired the wrong seo agency

Okay, so this one is pretty obvious, but its an important point, that is don’t stick to just one seo agency if you don’t believe as a business you are getting good value for money.

So many businesses stick to the same seo company, because like an old pair or shoes they feel comfortable.

So, make sure that whichever seo agency that you use, that you are getting good value for money. 

White hat

Here’s a really important point, your business should only ever invest in white hat seo. Sometimes some seo companies will not use white hat methods, which could mean that the business incurs a penalty.

Yet, the seo agency may not tell the business that they have incurred a penalty, and this may well be because the seo company is responsible for causing the penalty.

So, if your website receives a dip in organic visitors, make sure that as a business you find out why this is so. Also, only partner with white hat seo companies.


What does technical SEO even mean?


Let’s face it, learning about SEO can be a daunting prospect, after all there’s so many areas to learn.

There’s onsite and offsite SEO, there’s also technical SEO, not to mention using social media to help improve a business’s SEO as well.

So, it’s fair to say that it’s a broad subject area, yet we like to make things as easy as we can here, so let’s look at what technical seo is about, and what are some of the main areas of technical seo are.

So, what does technical seo even mean?

Technical SEO we like to think of as building the foundations for all of the other SEO work to be added to.

So, for example this means making sure a website can be “crawled and indexed” it also looks at such things as reducing 404’s, and also how the website is constructed.

So, in terms of a websites construction a seo agency may ask is the website easy to use? If its not could changes to say the menu improve the website?

Let’s have a look at a few of the technical seo areas that our seo company often looks at:


Quite often a company website will have a lot to say, so for example the about us page may have a lot of information such as introducing each member of staff.

And this is a lot of information that needs to be indexed, yet there is also the really important information that relates to your business, such as your businesses NAP details, and this should standout from the rest of the information, and how do you do this?

Well, you could use Schema, which means you could mark-up the information, such as your businesses NAP details with Schema, this way it becomes obvious to the search engines like Google that this is your businesses name, address and phone number, which is all good for your local seo.

Can your website be crawled and indexed?

Its all well and good having a website that looks great, as this will reflect on your companies’ image, yet if it can’t be crawled and indexed, well the websites not going to show up in the search engines.

So in a nutshell this means that Googlebot won’t be able to read your businesses website, which means it can not compute your businesses ranking signals, which means Google’s algorithm will not know how important your website is, which means it wont show up in Google’s search results.


Have you recently added new products or services to your website, and to do this you deleted some of the old product or service pages?

Hmm, well you could have deleted some of your business’s SEO goodness, and the reason for that is because those pages may have had backlinks leading to them.

If those pages had backlinks leading to them then those backlinks may have been the main reason the page ranked where it did on Google.

So, in a nutshell deleting such pages is like starting again, and then all that seo work also needs to be started again.

Also, not to mention that your visitors to your website may now be greeted with a 404 message, which may contribute to your website having a high bounce rate.

So, what should you do? Well, we would highly recommend speaking to a digital marketing agency before you delete any pages that may have high SEO value.

Duplicate content

You may have just got your website back from your website agency, and now your sitting back and thinking that this website looks simply brilliant.

Yet, sometimes some website developers just copy and paste text from another website, so for example let’s say you sell televisions, well the website design company may copy and paste product descriptions for each tele direct from the manufacturer’s website.

And you may now be thinking, well what’s wrong with that?

If the product description matches the TV that we are selling that’s a good thing right?

Wrong. If your website has duplicated work, such as product descriptions for instance, well this could mean that the pages SEO does not do particularly well, and too much duplicated work could mean your business incurs an algorithmic or manual penalty. Such a penalty could be the Google Panda penalty for instance.

Okay, this technical SEO sure sounds technical, so how much does your business charge for SEO?

Every business is different, plus how much we charge for SEO per month is dependent on how much competition your business faces.

So, why not call us so we can offer you a quote?

How to evaluate your competitor’s SEO


Are you fed up with your competitors being ranked higher than your business? Well, that’s understandable, and this is where our organic SEO service can help your business.

But first we would need to evaluate why your competitors are ranked higher. We mean to say is it because they have better backlinks? Is it because they have better onsite SEO?

Well, often there are many reasons as to why some businesses rank at the top of Google.

So, without further ado, lets look at what our seo consultants do when are evaluating a competitors website.

Onsite SEO

Content marketing

Content marketing is to SEO what fuel is to your car, that’s to say its needed. So whether you own a fashion brand, or you run a construction business, normally in order to improve a businesses SEO you need content marketing.

But what is content marketing we hear you cry! Well content marketing normally is simply written text, like a blog post, and if the content marketing is high-quality then this can help your business.

So you need to evaluate how good your competitors content marketing is, that’s to say how often do they publish blog posts? What are the blog posts like, do they offer interesting and useful information.

For example, let’s say you run a dental practice, and you want more people to contact your business for teeth whitening. Well, writing blog posts explaining how the teeth whitening process works is a good start.

Anchor text

Anchor text is simply the text that you click on in order to follow a backlink. So for example, lets say you retail clothing, and you have text is highlighted and reads “sale on t-shirts now on”- if you click that text and it takes you to the page where t-shirts are on sale, then that description is the anchor text.

You should optimise your businesses anchor text in a white hat way. Have a look at some of your competitors, how are they using anchor text on their website?

Meta titles and meta descriptions

Quite simply put, when you search for a item, let’s say a new car online, well you will be presented with loads of websites that sell new cars. Within the results will be the organic listings, which will have a title and a short description about what that business has to offer.

This description is called the meta title and the meta description, so for example it may well read:

Meta title: We sell new cars at affordable prices, we also offer 0% interest on all new cars

Meta description: Why not purchase a new car from us, during the month of January we have fantastic prices on our range of new cars.

That’s just an example of what a meta title, and meta description may look like, yet you should create unique meta titles and meta descriptions for each page on your website.


What’s the structure of your competitors website like? For example, let’s say they are a business that offers many different services, such as an accountancy practice.

So does the accountancy practice that ranks number one have different pages for each service that the business offers?

So for example is there a page dedicated to VAT and one for corporation tax, if so does each page have a lot of information or not much.

Your seo agency and your website design agency should work together to design your website in such a way that you can improve your businesses seo.

So for example your accountancy practice may describe every service that it offers all on one page, while your SEO company may recommend that each distinct service that your business offers should have its own page.

Offsite SEO


What are your direct competitors backlinks like? Are they high-quality? Are they relevant to that business?

You should work with a white hat seo agency to work out which backlinks your competitors have, that your business may also be able to obtain.

So for example, let’s say you run an employment law practice, well your competitors employment law practice may have an employment law website that links to it.

That website offers news and information to employment solicitors, it is widely regarded as a high-quality source of information for employment lawyers, therefore your business may also seek to obtain a backlink from this company.

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