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How does local SEO work? (Bristol)

Introduction Most businesses in Bristol now face a lot of competition. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a plumber or sell electric guitars, quite simply put its vital that your business stands out. And what better way to stand out from all the other businesses than to invest in SEO? First things first, what is […]

How long does organic SEO take?

Introduction Most businesses want to appear on the first page of Google. After all, it can often mean that a business can generate more sales. As more and more businesses move away from more traditional forms of advertising, more businesses are investing in SEO. However, even though organic SEO has been around for a great […]

How do you build backlinks?

Introduction If you have ever invested in white hat seo, well you will know that quite often the SEO agency will need spend a lot of time building high-quality backlinks. So, this means that when a business is looking at where their marketing agency is spending time, often a large chunk will be spent building […]

5 super easy methods to improve your businesses on-site SEO

Introduction The internet is awash with rather dull SEO articles, that’s to say a lot of seo agencies churn-out such articles as though they are on a production line! Some are just plain hard to follow, often that’s because of the excessive use of marketing jargon. Some other articles on the other hand just provide […]

What were the Google Penguin updates for?

Introduction The Google Penguin update was first rolled out back in April 2012, and it gets regularly discussed by SEO’s ever since. For white hat agencies like us, the Penguin update was a blessing. The reason being is those businesses and marketing agencies that wanted to build a ton of low-quality links, to try and […]

Why does my website need backlinks?

Introduction Whether your business has been investing in SEO for some time, or you’ve just hired an seo agency relatively recently, there’s one thing that most businesses recognise, and that is backlinks are important. The reason being is if your business manages to obtain quality links, well this can help to send what is called […]

Google’s Panda update

Introduction Whether you’ve just started investing in SEO, or you’ve been investing for many years, most business owners want to know what the Google Panda update is all about. That’s because the Panda update is one which crops up time and time again on SEO news websites. The reason being is the Panda update was […]

What does NAP mean?

Introduction When you first hire an SEO agency, there more than likely to present a list of tasks that your website needs to bring it up to scratch. And the descriptions used are often very confusing, that’s to say often a lot of marketing jargon is used. But do not fear, as this is where […]

How to improve your local SEO in seven steps

Introduction There are quite simply loads of guides that explain local seo in an over complicated way. This only serves to confuse business owners, and to sometimes put them off investing in SEO altogether. However here at this digital marketing agency we do things differently. We are different at this agency because we don’t bore […]

What exactly is Schema mark-up and how can this improve my SEO?

Introduction When sitting down with your seo company, to discuss ways your website can be improved, you may feel like your ears have been bombarded by tons of marketing jargon. The reason for that is some seo agencies just like to make things more complicated than they need to be. So, if your currently in […]