What does technical SEO mean?


Most businesses here in the rather fabulous city of Bristol will have heard of SEO, or it pronounce this fully would be search engine optimisation. This is when a lot of businesses know that links and content marketing are important.

But that’s like saying a steering wheel and the tyres are important on a car, yes, sure they are, but alone well the cars not going anywhere. This is the same as having links, and a website, but the technical seo is poor, well, that’s its not going anywhere fast neither.

So just as a car is made up of literally hundreds of various components, well so is a business’s organic seo, if one areas failing, well, it could mean that the whole of the seo strategy fails, same as if the fuel-pump went wrong on the car, well the engines not going to get fuel, and that means nothings moving forwards.

So, what’s the solution?

The solution is often to hire a brilliant seo agency, one that has consultants who understands onsite and offsite seo, technical seo and also have talented copywriters, so what we are trying to get at is this- often what’s needed is a super talented team, like ours here at Digital Tailors, yet, you can’t have one team member working on the site alone, nope, you need a talented team working together so that the business can have its organic seo improved in all the areas that are important.

So, as there are 200 various ranking factors, we won’t have time to cover all in just one article, that would involve way too many espressos to write, so what’s needed instead is just for us to concentrate on technical seo for this article, yet as our seo consultants are regularly writing about how a business can improve its search engine optimisation, why not check out our other articles too?

What does technical SEO mean?

Okay, so “technical SEO” can mean anything, from improving how fast your company website is, through to fixing issues with 404 pages.

Therefore, this form of SEO, well it covers a massive area, from making sure Googlebot, that’s the bot that crawls and indexes the web, to making sure this can index the work, right over to making sure there’s no duplicated content marketing on your website.

Now just because you have a website that looks brilliant, this doesn’t mean there’s all sorts of mistakes made with the technical seo. So, lets give you an example, there might be coding that stops some pages, or even the entire website from getting indexed, and you might not have known about that, right through to the website being so slow on smartphones, well, when you open your Google Analytics account, your seo agency may see a bounce rate of over 90%!

So, normally, as technical seo is such a massive area, and often if it’s a large company website a lot of work needs to be completed, it’s a good idea to write a report, to detail what areas are fine, and what areas need improvement. This is normally a good idea, as its not just seo agencies that will need to make improvements its also sometimes web developers, for example, after a developer has say altered the mobiles main menu, so that its improved, in that it is easier to use, well, you may find that the companies “bounce rate” reduces.

Why your website needs a good logical design

If let’s say the main menu is not designed to help shoppers easily find the products they want, well this means that the bounce rate will increase. Yet, what’s important to remember is the website should offer good “user experience”.

This means that for example, the company website should be fast, there shouldn’t be any 404 page errors, and also you shouldn’t have duplicated content marketing.

There will be many Bristol based businesses that will have had a website designed many moons ago, they may well be obvious to the fact that lets say, if all of the product descriptions were duplicated, they this could damage the businesses seo. The business could have a Google Panda penalty.

Why its even more crucial to fix your businesses technical seo issues in a city like Bristol

Here’s the thing, here in Bristol, it is a great city, yet most businesses face real high levels of competition, that doesn’t matter if you run a plumbing and heating business, or lets say you own a restaurant on the harbour side in Bristol, you are likely to face a lot of local competition, this is why the standard of seo needs to be top-quality.

Reduce bounce rates through design improvements

Your web developers, as well as the seo companies you hire, they should work hard to  try and reduce your companies bounce rate, as well as making sure the organic visitors, are the ones who are likely to buy something from your company.